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This article was found on an online Orthodox site.

The definition of the Church is in her Apostolic succession, not her mimicking Apostolic succession.

You cannot progressively acquire Apostolic succession. You have it or you do not.

It is truly ludicrous to have Vladimir expressing himself on the question of Apostolic succession, since the parasynagogue he belongs to so obviously doesn't have it.

What is the provenance of his bishop, Bishop Anthony of Beltsy?

Who were his consecrators?

What Council of Bishops approved of this consecration?

If the provenance includes the ever-memorable Metropolitan Vitaly, one should remember that as a retired bishop, he had no authority to authorize or perform episcopal consecrations. In reality, he was to ill to even perform them himself.

If the provenance of Bishop Anthony of Beltsy includes Metropolitan Anthony (Orloff), then who consecrated him? When? How? What Council of Bishops approved this?

If the provenance of Bishop Anthony of Beltsy includes Bishop Varnava of Cannes--who authorized him to perform episcopal consecrations? He violated his episcopal oath and left his lawful Synod of Bishops.

Any consecrations he participated in were uncanonical, invalid, and devoid of Apostolic succession.

He admits that his consecrations were invalid and uncanonical.

So--what is the canonical Apostolic succession that Bishop Anthony of Beltsy can claim--when even the bishop who participated in his consecration considers that consecration to be illegal?

Add to this that Bishop Anthony of Beltsy has unilaterally declared himself outside of the Council of Bishops (headed by Bishop Vladimir) that he once belonged to, and has proceeded to arrogate to himself the position of First Hierarch of the splinter group he created himself by breaking with Bishop Anastassy and Bishop Vladimir--and then, on top of all, performed a single-handed consecration of a bishop with no conciliar authority to do so--well, the absolute uncanonical character of Bishop Anthony of Beltsy is clearly revealed.

So, please, Vladimir--do not speak of Apostolic succession.

Your splinter, led by Bishop Anthony of Belsty clearly does not have it.

With love in Christ,
Prot. Alexander Lebedeff