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Montgomery Griffith-Mair formerly of Arkansas attacked THEOCACNA and +Victor. +Victor sued and won a small judgement against that man. He claimed to be a bishop, fled Arkansas with 3 warrants out for his arrest including one for arson.

Patrick Murray who claimed to head the Roman Orthodox Church claimed to be chartered by THEOCACNA but according to Garrisons own webpage it said the OCCNA chartered that group.

Many seem to claim to be the Aftimios Church but it appears +Victor put some work into the Churches growth. THEOCACNA has had clergy in Britain, have clergy in Africa and now in the Philippines.

They have a letter from a Roman Catholic diocese that says they can offer communion to Roman Catholics ( issued over 12 years ago). More recently a member received an orthodox divorce from the synod and plans to marry in the Catholic Church and was granted a letter he could receive communion in the Catholic Church (mention of THEOCACNA's decree) and shortly after was granted an annulment so he is now free to marry in the Catholic Church also. It took 4 days from applying for the annulment until the Tribunal returned the annulment copy apparently based on THEOCACNA's earlier decree.

It would appear that +Victor may have played hardball as Metropolitan for about 10 years but it paid off for the Church to finally start to grow. When he retired as Metropolitan +Victor retained a seat on the synod as Archbishop. The new Metropolitan came from the Byzantine Uniate rite and has earned degrees, has a major in Latin and knows the Tridentine mass as well as the Byzantine liturgies. He was also a school teacher for many years.

Another member of the Synod is a School teacher. One has established a veterans housing program. One works with AA and NA.

It does not come across well for anyone in the independent movement to claim to be THEOCACNA. Many claim the lines from THEOCACNA but in Orthodox these claims are not recognized. These claims are from the Catholic view point so such a claim shows those making the claim are not Orthodox. Attacks against THEOCACNA look bad. Those who attack THEOCACNA appear to be unchristian to say the least.

It would appear they all of a sudden wanted to reap the benefits of THEOCACNA today. Rome and the SCOBA Orthodox all know of THEOCACNA and +Victor.

One of the former bishops who knew Garrison well met with +Victor personally in Delaware about a year or so before he died. He claimed to have left the independent movement and went in a SCOBA Orthodox Church he had claimed. He said Garrison had asked him to come back to the OCCNA or some such church, that Garrison stated he was never Orthodox but was Apostolic and wanted to start an Apostolic Church will all bishops. This was stated in front of others so it can be attested to.

THEOCACNA is on the road to growth. They continue to defend themself from those in the independent movement who claim their THEOCACNA under another name or that they have THEOCACNA lines. Neither claim can be proven by the independents. The Orthodox do not recognize such individuals since they do not come from a recognized bishops but claim many independent lines that they claim go back to some canonical source.

Some would claim today that the logo of THEOCACNA and maybe even our name, are not ours and that we cannot claim our own name as a Church service mark. The law says we can and we do. As of 1932, after 5 years of ownership, our name and logo were ours under common law in the United States. Under 15 USC we claim our Legal and statutory right to our name and logo as it was our Registered Service MArk over 7 years and the law states once its owned 5 years it is legally yours.

Those who would claim the name and logo were in the "Public Domain" are incorrect. Since the corporation continued to exist the corporation continued ownership under common law from 1928 to 1999 when the registered Service Mark was applied for - by the Corporate Church. The fact others from time to time claimed our name does not make their claim legal since none were ever on the Church corporate documents.

Our Name and Logo are the property of this Church and have been since we first started using them when established in 1927 and remain our property. Use by others with no legal right to our name and logo, our service mark, without the consent of the owner, this corporate Church entity, is therefore illegal. An illegal act cannot take away the rights of the lawful owner. Thus the name and logo, improperly and illegally used by others to claim they were THEOCACNA when they were not does not place the service mark in the public domain.

Today, many independents still try to claim they are THEOCACNA under a different name, they will incorporate our name in other states and they will place our service mark on their websites and documents - all criminal acts of Identity Theft, Fraud, Service Mark Infringement and Service Mark Dilution. We do file criminal complaints against any who act against us in such matters.

Many of the SCOBA clergy continue to attack Abp. Ofiesh making such false claims as he was suspended by +Sophronius, he retired when he married or he deposed himself by his marriage. They have no proof or documentation of this since none of these claims are true. +Sophronius congratulated +Aftimios on his marriage. +Joseph & +Igantius made comments that show this Church did not adopted the canon on married bishops so +Aftimios could not have deposed himself and even his widow stated he headed this Church until his death.

SCOBA clergy lie and attempt to re-write Church history to make them appear to be good and just churchmen. They need to hide the truth that they caused a Schism by ignoring the Canonially established American Church because of their greed for power, authority and money. They could end the Schism at any time but they fear such an act would become public and make them look bad so they prefer to continue as Schismatics and endanger the souls in their charge.